How Red River College embraced openness and transparency to deal respond to a safety crisis on-campus and in the surrounding neighbourhood.

In October 2018 a faculty member at Red River College was attacked after evening classes. The attack put the College at the forefront of a growing concern that Winnipeg’s downtown was becoming an increasingly dangerous community for staff and students. The College was faced with staff and students questioning its ability to maintain a safe campus during a time when the College was expanding. In response, the College took a leadership role to change perceptions of downtown safety while improving its engagement with staff and students.


This presentation won't only discuss what RRC did well, but the mistakes the College made along the way.

Key Takeaways:
• How to communicate with purpose and action
• How to own the narrative during a crisis
• How to communicate with empathy
• How to rebuild trust during and following a crisis
• Why openness and transparency are important (not just during a crisis)
• How to communicate with internal and external stakeholders during a crisis


Director, College and Public Relations, Red River College

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Conor Lloyd, APR is a highly skilled and award-winning communication and public relations specialist with more than ten years of experience in the field of internal and external communications, government relations, media relations, and issues management.

Conor is a current member of the CPRS National Advocacy and PR committee. He's the current Past President of CPRS Manitoba and a past member of the Future of CPRS Committee.

Conor serves in a senior communications role at Red River College, working closely with the College’s Senior Leader Leadership Team, and he’s a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Conor is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and is a graduate of Red River College from the Creative Communications Program.