How to Successfully Mentor and Coach in an Inclusive Workplace.

D&I is being talked about by the C suite, while the diversity in PR talent is mostly at entry level. No one is talking about the role first-time managers will play in creating equity and ensuring junior practitioners find a career path in the industry. With the focus currently on senior-level buy-in and junior-level recruitment, this session will arm mid-level practitioners with the tools to manage teammates who are different, and build successful teams that are complementary; not cookie-cutter.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Inclusion is the foundation for diversity.

  • Spot the critical differences between prioritizing diversity vs. building an inclusive workplace

  • Introspection: How inclusive am I and how can I do better?

  • How to manage someone who's not like you: approaching the relationship differently

  • How to seek and give feedback in an inclusive environment

  • How to hire for inclusion and not just diversity

Co-host - ABCDEI | Marketing Chair - CPRS Foundation

Rohini - portrait.jpg

Rohini Mukherji is a seasoned integrated communications expert with 15 years of experience in Canada and a short stint in China. She has a demonstrated track record of leading smart, compelling and award-winning 360 campaigns for clients in the B2B and B2C space, across sectors including financial services, real estate, health care, lifestyle and packaged goods.

She is fuelled by her desire to devise strategic campaigns for her clients that are just as successful as they are fun to execute as a team. Rohini is equally proud of her Canadian passport, Indian roots and her hometown of Muscat, Oman.


Over the past several years, she has been struck by the absence of people who look like her among senior PR agency leadership. As an empathetic leader who takes great pride in championing her team members, Rohini has become an advocate for more inclusive and equitable workplaces in Canada.


She believes that diversity is a fact, whereas inclusivity and equity are choices that take hard work on the part of corporate leadership. Inclusion is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessary foundation for corporate culture circa 2020. Creating true equity should not be viewed as a challenge to address, but in fact an opportunity for companies to continually demonstrate their commitment to employees, partners and customers.


Outside work, Rohini is the marketing chair of the Canadian Public Relations Society Foundation, whose work is very focused on making the PR industry more inclusive at all levels of Canadian organizations.